Have the Guts to Do it Right
Raising Grateful and Responsible Children in an Era of Indulgence
"The perfect application of the academic research
into the realm of parenting...I love it!" 
Dr. Jean Twenge, author of "The Narcissism Epidemic"
& "Generation Me"

A book on parenting by
Sheri Moskowitz Noga, M.A.

From infancy through adulthood, a guide to raising well-adjusted &
empathic children within a culture that encourages narcissism & indulgence. 
Based on 30 years of clinical experience, this book offers guidance &
support for parents to develop strong, loving attachments to their children as well as the ability to provide appropriate limits & discipline, all
necessary elements of good parenting.
From work to play, sleep to homework, & toys to technology, this
readable  guide offers concrete direction for developing the strength
to parent your child independent of a culture of excess.

"A wonderful book for both therapists & parents... Vivid observations that speak to the author's keen observational skills...A difficult book to put down."
Dr. Adam Plotnik, Child Psychologist

As heard on NPR's Tell Me More
&  in the Huffington Post
"A wonderful & courageous job of helping parents understand.  Great stuff...long overdue."
Rick Panciolli, MA   Family Therapist
"This clear, well-written guide to childrearing is a real  gem.   A refreshing, clear-headed,  non-judgmental approach to navigating the maze of modern day parenting."
Pamela Clapp-Green, MA, LLP